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Using the deadline mode

Enabling Deadline Mode in Anywhere can help you prioritize tasks by providing a visual indication of their urgency based on their due dates. Here's how to use Deadline Mode effectively:

Note: Deadline Mode only works with the default Due Date and Status columns. Ensure these default columns are available on your board.

In your Anywhere board, locate the Due Date column.

Open the Due Date column settings by clicking on it.

Check the "Deadline Mode" checkbox to activate this feature.

Enable Deadline Mode

Once Deadline Mode is enabled, you'll notice a new icon in the Due Date column, which visually represents the status of each task's due date. There are four different options:

Gray Circle: This indicates that the task is not yet complete, and there is still time to complete it.

Gray Circle

Orange Icon: An orange icon indicates that the task is not yet complete, and today is the due date.

Orange Icon

Green Icon: A green icon signifies that the task is complete.

Green Icon

Red Icon: The red icon means that the task is not yet completed and has passed its due date.

Red Icon

By using Deadline Mode, you can quickly identify tasks that need immediate attention, helping you stay organized and meet your deadlines effectively.

I hope you find this explanation helpful in using Deadline Mode in Anywhere. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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