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Adding Multiple Board Owners

Did you know that sharing control over a board is now possible in Anywhere? Yes, you can assign more than one owner to a specific board, allowing for a collaborative and flexible management approach. Here's how you can do it in a few easy steps:

Select Your Board: Choose the board you want to manage and add some team members to it.
Access Board Members: Navigate to the board members section by clicking on the Board Members icon.
Assign New Owners: Hover over the name of the team member you wish to promote and click the Make Owner button that appears next to their name.

Make Owner Button

Voila!: Just like that, your selected team member now shares ownership of the board. Feel free to add more co-owners as needed.

Board Owners

Note: Remember, as long as there is at least one owner present, any board owner can opt to leave the board.

Adjusting Ownership
If necessary, board owners can also revert other owners back to team members. Here's how:

Open Board Members: Click on the Board Members section.
Revoke Ownership: Find the board owner you wish to demote and click the cross button next to the Board Owner label.

Remove Board Owner

Confirm Action: A prompt will appear to confirm the action. Click Yes to proceed.

Confirmation Screen

Success: The selected individual is no longer a board owner.

We trust this guide will assist you in optimizing board management by utilizing multiple owners. Happy collaborating!

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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