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Updating board settings

Managing Board Access and Settings in Anywhere

In Anywhere, our project boards offer remarkable flexibility for overseeing and monitoring various details. By default, every board can be edited by all of its members. However, we understand that sometimes you need to tailor access and permissions to specific users. Let's dive into how to achieve this through Board Settings:

Accessing Board Settings:

Begin by navigating to the board you wish to modify.
Look for the board options icon (three vertical dots) located in the top right corner.

Board Options

Click on this icon, and a list of board options will gracefully unfold.
Proceed to select the "Board Settings" tab.

Board Settings Tab

Now, let's explore the different tabs residing within Board Settings:

**Access Settings:**

By default, only the Board Owner, the visionary who created the board, can access this tab. It is the Board Owner who can methodically categorize and manage permissions for fellow users on the board.

Board permissions have been thoughtfully divided into four distinctive tiers:

Edit Everything: Members wielding this permission wield considerable power. They can modify all aspects of the board, including its structure, columns, groups, and the content within rows. However, some crucial board functions remain beyond their reach - they cannot tinker with board details, delete the board itself, or remove other board members. To enable this permission, venture into the Access Settings tab and opt for "Edit Everything."

Edit Everything

Edit Content: This permission level empowers members to exclusively manipulate the content within the board. Tasks such as creating tasks and assigning values to columns fall within their purview. Nevertheless, they are unable to meddle with the board's structural elements - adding or removing columns or groups, renaming them, or rearranging their order. To set this permission, simply choose "Edit Content" from Access Settings.

Edit Content

Row-based Permission: This particular permission introduces a nuanced approach. Users can make edits only to rows assigned to them under specific people-type columns. This permission requires the presence of at least one people-type column on your board. You have the flexibility to select one or more owner columns to grant this privilege.

Row-based Permission

View Only/Read-only Access: For members entrusted with this permission, the board transforms into a realm of observation. They are unable to enact any changes - their role is to observe and absorb. This is the "View Only" mode. To grant this permission, choose "View Only."

View Only

Note: It's worth noting that the Board Owner reigns supreme and possesses full control over the board.

**Display Settings:**

The Display Settings category equips you with tools to fine-tune your board experience:

- Board Vocabulary: Customize the nomenclature used for new board items. Tailor these labels to your preference or select from predefined options.
- Time Format: Choose between the 12-Hour or 24-Hour clock format to display timestamps.
- Freeze the First Column: Toggle this feature to keep the first column visible while scrolling through your board's data.

Display Settings


The Housekeeping section simplifies column management. Here's how you can leverage it:

- Easily create, update, delete, and reorder column items. The intuitive interface allows you to add multiple items swiftly.


**Board Activity:**

Stay informed about board activities and changes. The Board Activity feature provides logs that capture all actions performed by users. For a detailed understanding of this feature, please refer to our dedicated article on Reviewing Board Logs.

We trust that this comprehensive guide empowers you to manage your Anywhere project boards with precision. Should you require further assistance, please consult our related articles or reach out to our responsive support team.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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