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Tracking Your Project Schedule with Gantt Baseline

Project management often involves tracking the progress of your project and comparing it with the initial plan. The Gantt Baseline feature is designed to assist you in doing just that. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this feature:

Setting Up the Gantt Baseline
Prepare Your Project: Before you begin, ensure that your project planning is complete and all tasks and timelines are clearly defined.

Accessing Gantt View Settings: Navigate to the Gantt view and click on the settings icon located at the top of the screen.

Gantt View Settings

Creating a Snapshot: Click on the "Snapshot" button to capture a snapshot of your current project schedule. This will serve as your project's baseline.

Confirmation: A confirmation message will appear. If your project plan is fully prepared, click "Yes" to proceed. If not, you can return to this step once your plan is ready.

Saving the Baseline: After confirming, click "Save" to establish the baseline.

Understanding the Baseline Features
Once the baseline is established, you will notice several changes:

Snapshot Details: Above the Snapshot button, a label will appear displaying the date and time of the last snapshot, along with the name of the person who created it.

Snapshot Details

Baseline Indicators: Each task in your project will now have an orange underline, indicating the planned start and end dates as per the baseline.

Baseline Indicators

Tracking Deviations: The orange baseline remains static, representing your original plan. If any task experiences delays, you can adjust the actual task bar (green bar) to reflect the new dates, allowing you to visually track deviations from the baseline.

Analyzing Delays: This feature facilitates the identification of delays and the tasks causing them, enabling you to recalibrate project deadlines and communicate updates to clients and stakeholders effectively.

You have the flexibility to create a new snapshot at any point during the project. However, remember that creating a new snapshot will overwrite the previous one.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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