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Using the Timer column to auto-record the time against your tasks

Timekeeping is a crucial aspect of managing and tracking your projects, and with Anywhere, you can now effortlessly track time against your tasks.

Here's how you can enable automatic time tracking:

Add a timer column to your board.

Add Timer Column

Once added, you'll see a green play button next to each of your tasks. To start recording time, simply click this button.

Start Timer

The timer will begin recording the time for that specific task, and you'll also see pause and stop buttons.

Keep an eye on the timer widget in the bottom corner of your screen. It serves as a reminder that time tracking is active, and you can pause or stop it directly from the widget.

Timer Widget

Even if you switch views, move to other parts of the board, or switch to different boards, the timer widget will continue displaying the logged time for the task.

You can stop the timer at any point, and it will display the recorded time for that task.

Stop Timer

If needed, you can resume the timer on the same task after a break, and it will add to the previously recorded time.

To view the timer logs for any task, hover over the timer column, and select the "Time Logs" option from the menu.

Time Logs

The time logs display the total time logged for the task and the various intervals during which the time was logged.

Time Logs Details

_Note:_ The timer records time accurately even when it's running in the background or minimized in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. However, please note that this feature may not work in the latest version of Safari.

Note: We're actively working on new features for timer columns, including an Auto mode that calculates the total time for all sub-tasks under a parent task and a footer Formula option to display statistics like Sum, Average, Total records, and more.

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Updated on: 19/09/2023

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