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Using the kanban view

The Kanban View in Anywhere provides a visual way to organize and track tasks, status, labels, tags, people, and task progress on your project board. To access the Kanban View, follow these steps:

Ensure Required Columns: To use the Kanban View, make sure your board has at least one of the following columns: Label, Status, or Priority.

Select Kanban View: Click on the view switcher at the top right of your board and select "Kanban View."

Select Kanban View

Default Status Columns: By default, the Kanban view uses the default Status column in your board to categorize tasks.

Default Status Columns

Drag and Drop Cards: Tasks are displayed as cards in the Kanban view. You can easily drag and drop these cards into different columns and groups to update their status or categorization.

Sync Across Views: Any changes made to tasks in the Kanban view will be synchronized across all other views of your board.

Customize Kanban View: Click on the settings (gear icon) to customize the Kanban view. You can choose which column should be used to display data, select columns to show or hide, show/hide groups, and decide which people column data should be displayed on the cards.

Customize Kanban View

Filter and Create Smart Filter Views: You can filter your board data and create smart filter views in the Kanban view, just like in the Table View.

Card Actions: You can perform various actions on cards by clicking the three dots (card actions) that appear in the top-right corner of cards when you hover over them. Actions include duplicating tasks/items, adding items above, adding items below, archiving, and deleting. Note that the availability of these options depends on the user's permissions on the board.

Card Actions

The Kanban View is a versatile way to manage your tasks and projects, allowing you to visualize and organize your workflow efficiently. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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