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Project Dashboard

Exploring Project Dashboards in Anywhere

Project Dashboards in Anywhere offer a powerful way to track critical project details using customizable widgets. They provide a visual snapshot of your project data, making it easy to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Here's the key difference between Account Dashboards and Project Dashboards:

- Project Dashboard: Focuses on project-specific widgets, allowing you to visualize data unique to a specific project.

- Account Dashboard: Enables you to add widgets from multiple project boards onto a single page, giving you an overarching view of multiple projects from one location.

To access the Project Dashboard:

Click on the 'Project Dashboard' option in the 'View Types' drop-down list within the board you want to create the Dashboard for.

Project Dashboard Option

You'll be directed to the Project Dashboard view, where you can easily create widgets to display board data using the "+" button.

Follow our guide on How to create a widget to craft widgets that suit your needs.

Create Widget Button

Once you've created the widgets to visualize your data, you can arrange them to build your Project Dashboard.

Arrange Widgets

You can add more widgets by clicking the "+" icon next to the View switcher. To edit or delete widgets, simply turn on the "Edit mode" toggle.

Edit Mode Toggle

When Edit Mode is activated, you'll see three dots in the top-left corner of each widget on hover. Use these to edit or delete widgets as needed.

Edit or Delete Widget

Note: Widget access permissions, such as adding, editing, and deleting, depend on the permissions granted to different users through the "Access Settings" options on the board.

Access Settings

Pro tip: Widgets in the Project Dashboard can be resized and rearranged to suit your preferences.

We hope this article has provided you with a clear understanding of how to create a Project-level dashboard. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know.

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Updated on: 19/09/2023

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