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Managing Task Dependencies and Linked Tasks

In project management, it's quite common to have tasks that are dependent on each other or need to be linked for better tracking and organization. The Task Dependency column in Anywhere is designed to facilitate this. Here’s a guide on how to use this feature effectively:

Adding the Task Dependency Column
To begin with, open the column explorer on your board.

Locate and select the Task Dependency column to add it to your board.

Task Dependency Column

Linking Tasks
Once the column is added, click on any cell within the column to initiate linking tasks.

You can now search and link other tasks as per your project requirements.

Linking Tasks

Cross-Board Task Linking
If your project utilizes sub-boards, you have the flexibility to link tasks across both parent and sub-boards. However, it's important to note that tasks can only be linked if they are on the same board or are part of the same parent-child board structure.

Viewing Linked Tasks
After linking tasks, the unique ID of each linked task will be displayed in the Task Dependency column on the table view.

Task ID View

To view detailed information about a linked task, simply click on its unique ID. This will open the Task Detail view, where you can find comprehensive information about the task.

Task Detail View

Important Note
The Task Dependency column is designed to allow dependencies or links only between tasks situated within the same board, child boards, or parent of the current board. Tasks that are not part of a single parent-child board structure cannot be linked.

We trust this guide will assist you in managing your project tasks more efficiently. Feel free to explore this feature and let us know your feedback!

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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