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Managing Boards in Workspaces

In the default setting, your account contains a single workspace where all your boards are listed. However, you can create new workspaces and rearrange boards as needed. Here's a guide on how to manage your boards and workspaces effectively:

Creating a Workspace**
Initiate Workspace Creation: Click on the "Create workspace" option to open the workspace creation screen.

Create Workspace

Fill in Details: Add a logo, name, and description for the new workspace, then click the "Create" button.


Note: The logo file should be a PNG or JPEG with a maximum size of 30KB. The workspace name can have up to 100 characters.

Workspace Options: In the new workspace, you will find options including deleting the workspace.

Editing a Workspace
Access Edit Option: The "Edit workspace" option, visible only for workspaces you created, allows you to modify workspace details.

Make Changes: Alter the logo, name, and description as needed, then click the "Edit" button to save changes.

Edit Workspace

Creating a Board
Create Board: While the "Create Board" functionality remains largely the same, the introduction of the workspace feature brings a slight modification to the board creation screen.

Create Board

Select Workspace: A new "Select workspace" dropdown appears above the board name text box, allowing you to choose the workspace for the new board. This change is reflected in other board creation and editing options as well.

Select Workspace

Managing Boards within Workspaces
Manage Boards Tool: This tool facilitates the reordering of boards within a workspace and the transfer of boards between workspaces. By default, only account admins have access to this feature.

Using the Tool: Click on "Manage Boards in workspace" to open the management screen. Here, you can see options to select source and destination workspaces, and a panel with buttons to move and reorder boards.

Manage Boards

Button Functions:

Single up/Double up: Move a board up by one position or to the top of the list.
Single down/Double down: Move a board down by one position or to the bottom of the list.
Single left/Double left: Move boards from the right workspace to the left workspace.
Single right/Double right: Move boards from the left workspace to the right workspace.

Reordering and Moving Boards: To move boards, select a board and a destination workspace, choose an action, and click "Save". To reorder boards within a workspace, select a board, choose an action, and click "Save".

Deleting a Workspace
Delete Workspace: Click "Delete workspace" and confirm the action to remove a workspace. All boards from the deleted workspace will be transferred to the default workspace.

Delete Workspace

Pro Tips
Only the creator can delete a workspace or edit boards within it.
Users without workspace permission can still reorder boards within a workspace.
Admins can delete any visible workspace, except the default workspace which cannot be deleted.
We hope this guide helps you in managing your boards and workspaces more efficiently.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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