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Let's find out how to update board vocabulary:You can also create a custom vocabulary by following below steps:

Boards are at the core of Anywhere, and accessibility is a key focus. Anywhere offers a feature called "Board Vocabulary" that allows you to customize the terminology used on your board to match its content.

You have a range of predefined options such as Employee, Client, Item, Feedback, Lead, Task, Feature, Applicant, Bug, User Story, Request, Customer available within Board Vocabulary. You can select one of these options, or if you prefer, create your own unique labels.

Here's how to update your board vocabulary:

Look for the 'Board Options' (represented by three vertical dots) located in the top right corner of your board.

Board Options

Select the Board Settings option from the Board Options menu.

Board Settings

You'll see various sections, including Display Settings. By default, Display Settings is selected.

Display Settings

Under Board Vocabulary, choose an option like Employee, Client, Item, etc.

Click on Save to update the default display name of the board according to your selection.

You can also create a custom vocabulary using these steps:

Enter a Custom Name in the provided text box and then click on Save.

Custom Vocabulary

Close the Display Settings section, and you will see your customized board content.

Custom Content

_Note:_ The custom display name you create will remain on your board until you decide to remove or update it.

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Updated on: 19/09/2023

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