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Creating and Utilizing Filter Views in Anywhere Boards

Filter views are a powerful tool in Anywhere boards, allowing you to quickly locate the data you need and save these filters for future use. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and using these filter views.

Creating Filter Views
Access the Filter Option: Click on the filter icon situated at the top right corner of your board.

Filter Icon

Utilize the Filter Board: Here, you will find all the columns and groups that can be filtered. Select the criteria you want to filter by.

Filter Board

Save Your Custom View: After applying the filters, click on the "Save custom view" link, give it a name, and save it. This action will create a filter view within your board.

Save Custom View

Tip: Marking a view as "Shared" will make it accessible to all other members of the board, allowing them to use this view as well.

Accessing Your Filter Views
Navigate to Your Board: Return to the board where you created the filter views.

Select Table View: Ensure that the "Table View" is the chosen view.

Use the All Data Dropdown: Click on the "All Data" dropdown to see a list of all the filter views you have created for this board. Selecting one will apply the respective filters to the board and filter the data accordingly.

All Data Dropdown

Tip: You can create numerous filter views in a board and easily switch between them using the "All Data" dropdown.

We trust that this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to efficiently create and utilize custom filter views in Anywhere boards. Remember, these views can significantly streamline your workflow by helping you quickly find the data you need.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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