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Working with Task Groups

Working with Task Groups in Anywhere
In the dynamic world of project management, organization is key. Anywhere's board feature offers the flexibility to categorize and manage your tasks efficiently through the use of Groups.

What are Groups?
Groups in Anywhere are logical divisions that help you categorize your tasks or line items. They allow you to segregate your tasks based on relevance or any other criteria that suits your project's needs.

Benefits of Using Groups:
Efficient Organization: Easily categorize tasks based on their nature or stage.
Flexibility: Create as many groups as required and rearrange them as per your preference.
Visual Clarity: Differentiate between task categories at a glance.

How to Utilize Groups in Anywhere:

Creating a Group:
Open your board. By default, a new board contains two groups.
To add a new group, click on the New Group button on the right side of the board.
Rename the group as per your requirement.

Create new group

Changing Group Color:
Enhance visual differentiation by assigning unique colors to each group.
Click on the Group Options (three dots) next to the group name.
Select Group Color and choose from the available palette.

change group colors

Collapsing/Expanding Groups:
For a cleaner view, collapse groups when not in use.
Click on the arrow icon next to the group name to collapse or expand.
The board remembers your preference, so the next time you visit, the groups remain in their previous state.

Collapsing/ Expanding Groups

Working with Tasks:
Tasks, or line items, are the core components within groups.
Add a new task by clicking on the New Item button or simply by typing in the last row of a group.
Tasks can be reordered, edited, or deleted as per your project's progression.

Reorder tasks within groups

Board Vocabulary:
Customize the terminology to match your project's context. For instance, change "New Item" to "New Task" or "New Bug".
Adjust the board vocabulary through the board settings. Learn more about it here <TBD>.

Project vocabulary

In Conclusion:
Groups in Anywhere provide a structured way to manage and organize tasks, ensuring that your project remains on track and all team members have a clear understanding of their responsibilities. By effectively using groups, you can streamline your project management process and achieve better outcomes.

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Updated on: 20/08/2023

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