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Understanding project board types

Understanding Project Types in Anywhere

The type of project you choose determines who gets to see and interact with it. Here's a breakdown:

Public Projects:
Accessibility: Open to everyone in your organization.
Operability: Any team member can view and work on these projects.

Private Projects:
Accessibility: Exclusive to the project owner and ivited members.
Operability: Only those invited can view and work on these projects.
Ownership: By default, the creator of the project becomes its owner. They have the privilege to invite others to collaborate.

Shared Projects:
Accessibility: Similar to private projects but with a twist. The project owner can invite both team members and guests.
Guests: Individuals outside your organization, like clients. They can only access projects they're invited to.

Various project types in Anywhere

Choose wisely based on your project's confidentiality and collaboration needs.**Boards are the backbone of Anywhere. You can create a new board to manage and track just about anything. It allows you to manage and track a lot of different kinds of information and are pretty flexible.**

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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