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Users vs Guests

Understanding User and Guest Roles in Anywhere

In this article, we'll clarify the distinction between Users and Guests in Anywhere, helping you navigate the roles and permissions of each.


A User is a full-time member of your team who requires a purchased seat in Anywhere to gain access to their own account. Users enjoy comprehensive access to their Anywhere account, enabling them to:

Manage and organize their tasks in "My Tasks."
Create personalized Dashboards to monitor their workflow.
Establish custom private boards for individual or team use.
View all public project boards within your account.
Collaborate on shared projects to which they are invited.
Additionally, administrators have the capability to manage roles and permissions for User accounts, granting them control over what aspects of Anywhere are accessible and visible.

Guest User:

Guest Users, on the other hand, are typically individuals external to your organization. These may include external collaborators, freelancers, or clients. Guest Users have specific limitations and characteristics:

They can only be invited to participate in Shared project type boards.
Guest Users are assigned a fixed role, aptly named "Guest," which cannot be modified by administrators.
Administrators cannot adjust the permissions of Guest Users.
However, you do have the flexibility to control what parts of your projects are visible to Guest Users by configuring project views. This ensures that you can manage the scope of information shared with external collaborators while maintaining the security and privacy of your internal operations.

In summary, understanding the distinctions between Users and Guest Users in Anywhere allows you to effectively manage roles, permissions, and project access for both your internal team members and external collaborators.

Updated on: 18/11/2023

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