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Creating a new project

Creating a New Project in Anywhere: A Quick Guide

Head over to Workspaces. Notice the + icon? Click on it and select "Create New Project".

Create new project

Choose the appropriate Workspace for this project.

Details needed to create a new project

Input the essential details: Project Name and Start Date.
If you'd like, designate a project owner for added oversight.
Select your preferred Project Type:

Public: Open to all team members, but not to clients.
Private: Access limited to invited team members.
Shared: Invitation-based, accommodating both team members and clients.

Ready to collaborate? Click Add Users.

Depending on your chosen project type, you can invite team members or even external collaborators.

To send an invite, simply enter the user's details.
Invite users and clients

Conclude by clicking Add Project. Your new project is now set up and ready to roll.

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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