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Setting the Default View for Your Project Board

Customizing your workspace to suit your preferences can greatly enhance productivity. With Anywhere, you can easily set a default view for your project boards, ensuring that every time you or your team access the board, it opens in the preferred view.

Here's how you can change the default view for a project board:

Steps to Set the Default View:
Accessing Project Settings:
Open the project board for which you want to set the default view.
Locate the 3-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it.
From the dropdown, select Project Settings.

Navigating to Access Settings:
Within the Project Settings, click on the Access Settings tab.

Setting the Default View:
In the Access Settings tab, you'll find the Default View Setting section.

Default View Setting

From the dropdown list, select the view you want to set as the default for this board. This could be a list view, calendar view, Gantt chart, or any other available view.

Saving the Changes:
Once you've selected your preferred default view, click on the Save & Next or Update button to apply the changes.

This feature is available for users on the Grow plan and higher tiers.
Only Admins and project owners have the permissions to change the default view settings. However, once set, all users will see the board in the selected default view when they access it next.

By setting a default view, you can ensure a consistent experience for all team members and streamline the workflow, making it easier to manage and track tasks and projects.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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