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Rearranging Boards as Parent or Sub boards

Reorganizing Boards in Anywhere: Moving Between Parent and Sub-Boards
In Anywhere, boards are the central structures that help you manage and track various types of information. As your projects evolve, you might find the need to restructure these boards for better organization. Fortunately, Anywhere provides a seamless way to move boards between parent and sub-board structures.

Here's how you can effortlessly reorganize your boards:

Moving a Sub-Board to a Parent Board:
Navigate to the sub-board you wish to promote as a parent board.
Drag the sub-board to the desired location within the same workspace or a different one.
Upon dropping, a confirmation pop-up will appear, asking if you wish to move the sub-board to a parent board. Click on "Yes."
Voilà! Your sub-board is now a standalone parent board.

Moving a Parent Board to a Sub-Board:
Locate the parent board you want to demote to a sub-board.
Drag this board under the desired board where you wish to nest it as a sub-board.
A confirmation pop-up will emerge, inquiring if you want to move the parent board to a child board. Click on "Yes."
And that's it! Your parent board has now been transformed into a sub-board.

Rearranging boards

Important Considerations:
Boards can only be moved within the same workspace via drag & drop.
Only boards with the same access type can be converted. For instance, a Public board can only be nested inside another public board.
Boards with a dependency column cannot be moved as a parent or sub-board of other boards.

By understanding these simple steps and considerations, you can easily restructure your boards in Anywhere to better align with your evolving project needs. Whether you're expanding a project and need more parent boards or consolidating information under a primary board, this flexibility ensures your workspace remains organized and efficient.

We hope this guide aids you in optimizing your board structures in Anywhere. Happy organizing!

As we know Boards are the backbone of Anywhere as they allow you to manage and track a lot of different kinds of information.

There are times when you want to move an existing board under another board as a sub-board. Now, this is possible.

Lets' see how to do this:

Drag the parent board under the desired board of which you want to make the parent board as a sub-board.

And now drop it, a confirmation pop-up displays whether you want to move the parent board to a child board comprising of the Yes & No button.

Click on Yes.

And you're done!

You can see the parent board is now turned out into a sub-board.

Note: Boards can only be moved within the same workspace via drag & drop.

Pro Tip_:_ Before moving the parent board to a sub-board, you need to consider the following conditions:

Only the same access type board can be converted from parent board to sub-board. For ex., a Public board can only be dragged inside of another public board.

And a board with a dependency column can not be moved as a parent or subboard of other boards.

We hope you found this article helpful.

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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