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Managing Your Anywhere Project Boards: Archiving and Deleting

Managing Your Anywhere Project Boards: Archiving and Deleting
In the dynamic world of project management, not all boards remain relevant forever. As projects evolve or get completed, some boards may no longer be needed. Instead of letting them clutter your workspace, Anywhere provides you with the option to archive or delete these boards. This ensures that your workspace remains organized and focused on current tasks.

Steps to Archive or Delete a Board:

Locating the Board: Navigate to the list of boards in your Anywhere account. Identify the board you wish to archive or delete.

Archiving the Board:
Click on the three dots (options menu) located to the right of the board's name.
From the dropdown, select "Archive."
A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the action by typing the board's name. This is a safety measure to prevent accidental archiving. You can quickly copy the board's name by double-clicking it and then pasting it into the provided text box.
Click on the "Archive" button to finalize the action.

Archive Board

Accessing Archived Boards:

To view, unarchive, or delete an archived board, go to the "Administration" tab in your menu.
Select "Archived Boards" to view a list of all your archived boards.

Archived Boards

Unarchiving or Deleting an Archived Board:

Choose the board you wish to unarchive or delete.
Use the "Actions" dropdown menu to select your desired action.
If deleting, you'll be prompted to type the board's name for confirmation. Remember, deleting is a permanent action, and the board cannot be retrieved once deleted.

Unarchive Projects

Important Considerations:

Permanent Deletion: It's crucial to understand that once a board is deleted, it's gone forever. All the data, tasks, and information associated with it will be permanently removed. Therefore, always ensure you're making an informed decision when choosing to delete.
User Permissions: Only the creator of a board or an admin user has the authority to archive or delete it. Regular members or viewers do not have this capability.
Acknowledgment: A special shoutout to Paul Adams from Small Crown Productions for his invaluable input.

In conclusion, the ability to archive or delete boards in Anywhere ensures that your workspace remains streamlined and focused on what's essential. It's a testament to Anywhere's commitment to providing users with a clutter-free and efficient project management experience. If you have further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy organizing!

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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