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Inviting users to the Project boards

Inviting Users to Anywhere Project Boards

In Anywhere, there are two distinct categories of project members: Users and Guests.

Users: These represent your internal team. Remember, each user addition comes with a monthly subscription fee.
Guests/Clients: These are external collaborators, such as clients. The good news? They're free! Based on your subscription plan, you're allocated 2 to 5 guest slots per active user seat.

Steps to Invite Members to Your Project Board:

Navigating to Project Settings:
For an ongoing project, tap on the project users or the project settings located at the top right corner.
For newcomers, after populating the General tab, hit Save & Next to transition to the Team Members section.

Access project settings

Add Users:
Within the Team Members section, you have the option to invite both Agency Users and Guest/Client users.

The Guest user invite on the right side will only appear for Shared project types.

Inviting users

After the Invitation:
All invitees receive an email with instructions.
Agency users need to complete the signup process to access your Anywhere account.
Guest/Client users, however, receive a unique magic link. The beauty of this? They can directly access the client portal by simply clicking on it, no credentials needed!

Guest users do not need to create credentials to access the Anywhere client portal. Each guest user gets a unique magic link & they can access the client portal by just clicking on it. However, they do have an option of creating login credentials to further secure their account access.

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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