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Managing Notification Preferences

Managing Notification Preferences in Anywhere
Staying updated with real-time notifications is essential for effective collaboration and task management. However, it's equally important to have control over the type and frequency of notifications you receive to prevent information overload. Anywhere provides a comprehensive notification settings option, allowing users to tailor their notification preferences based on their needs.

How to Configure Notification Preferences:

Accessing Notification Settings: Begin by clicking on the notification bell icon located at the top right corner of your screen. From the dropdown, select "Notification Settings."

Access Notification Settings

Understanding Notification Options: You'll be presented with two main sections: Notifications and Notification Types.

Notification options

General Notification Settings:
All notifications: Disabling this mutes all notifications. Use this if you wish to have a distraction-free period.
Desktop Notification: Activate this to receive notifications directly on your desktop, even when the browser is minimized.
Mobile Notification: Toggle this to manage notifications on the Anywhere mobile apps for Android & iOS.
Specific Notification Types: This section allows you to customize which events trigger a notification:

On a new user registered to the application: Get notified when someone new joins your Anywhere workspace.
When a Task is assigned to me: Be alerted when you have a new task assigned.
Mentioned in comments: Know when someone mentions you in a task comment.
Updates on tasks assigned to me and task reminders: Stay updated on changes to tasks you're responsible for and receive reminders set on those tasks.
Added/Removed user from the board: Especially useful for board owners, this notifies you when users join or leave a specific board.

Notification options

Note: The notifications for task assignments and updates are contingent on board automation. Ensure that the relevant automations are set up on your board and that these notification types are activated in your settings.

Saving Preferences: After making your desired changes, always click on "Save" to ensure your preferences are updated.

Saving notifications

Customizing your notification preferences in Anywhere ensures that you receive the right information at the right time. By tailoring your settings, you can stay informed without being overwhelmed.

If you have further questions or need assistance with other features, the Anywhere support team is always ready to help. Stay connected and stay productive!

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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