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Working with the Status Updates View

The Status Updates View in Anywhere is designed to streamline communication between teams and clients. It provides a centralized platform to share project updates, ensuring transparency and fostering trust.

Key Features of the Status Updates View:

Centralized Communication: The Update view offers a consolidated space to share project status updates, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Status Updates View

Creating New Updates: Navigate to your project updates and click on the + button. Fill in the necessary details like Date Range, current project status, and a comprehensive description. The default sections provided are:
What's completed: Describe the tasks completed within the specified timeframe.
What's blocked: List tasks that are currently blocked and provide reasons.
What's Next: Share what the team plans to tackle next.

Note: Users with Grow or higher plans can customize these sections by renaming, deleting, or adding new ones, with a maximum of five sections per update.

List Tasks in Update Sections: Utilize the widget panel to drag and drop tasks into the appropriate sections. Configure widgets to display tasks based on different statuses or date ranges.

Task Widgets

Publishing Updates: Once satisfied with the update, click the "Publish" button. This action triggers several subsequent actions:
All project members, including clients, receive an email with a link to the update.
Clients receive a magic link, allowing them to view the update without signing in.
Published updates are locked and cannot be edited.
The project status under an update remains static, even if new updates are published later.
Project owners or Company Admins can delete published updates if necessary.

Magic Link for Clients: Generate a unique magic link for each client, allowing them to access the update without logging in. This link can be shared via email, Slack, or other communication platforms.

Magic Link

CSAT Scores and Feedback: Clients can provide feedback on each update. They can select a CSAT score and leave comments, which are then displayed on the agency portal's Client Dashboard.

CSAT Feedback

The Status Updates View in Anywhere is a robust tool that bridges the communication gap between teams and clients. By offering a centralized platform for sharing project updates, it ensures transparency, fosters trust, and enhances collaboration. Whether you're updating clients on project progress, sharing milestones, or gathering feedback, the Status Updates View provides the tools you need to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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