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Group Chat/ Team Chat

In the dynamic world of project management, communication is key. While task-specific discussions are crucial, there's also a need for broader project-related conversations that aren't tied to any particular task. Anywhere recognizes this need and offers a dedicated chat view for such discussions.

Features of the Chat View:

General Project Discussions: The chat view is designed for conversations that span the entirety of the project, rather than being limited to a specific task. This is especially useful for brainstorming, general updates, or any other project-wide discussions.

Chat View

Threaded Replies: To keep the chat organized and ensure that discussions are easy to follow, Anywhere supports threaded replies. This means that you can respond directly to a specific message, creating a mini-thread within the chat.
Loom Integration: Communication isn't just about text. With the one-click Loom recording feature, you can easily record and share videos or screen captures. This asynchronous communication method is perfect for detailed explanations, demonstrations, or simply adding a personal touch to your messages. It's a more interactive way to communicate, both within your team and with clients.

Private Mode for Internal Discussions:
While transparency is essential, there are times when internal team discussions need to remain private, especially when clients are involved in the project.
Enabling Private Mode: By clicking on the eye icon, you can activate the private mode. In this mode, only internal team members who are part of the project can view the chat. Clients or external collaborators will not have access to these discussions.
Benefits of Private Mode: This feature ensures that internal deliberations, brainstorming sessions, or any sensitive discussions remain confidential. It provides a safe space for the team to discuss matters openly without the worry of external visibility.
Disabling Private Mode: If you wish to revert to the standard chat view, simply click on the eye icon again. This will make the chat accessible to all members of the project, including clients.

The Group Chat/Team Chat feature in Anywhere bridges the gap between task-specific discussions and broader project conversations. With features like threaded replies, Loom integration, and a private mode, it ensures that communication remains streamlined, efficient, and contextually relevant. Whether you're discussing project milestones, sharing updates, or having internal team deliberations, the chat view has got you covered.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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