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Working with the Plan View

The Plan view in Anywhere is a powerful tool designed to help you visualize and manage your project timelines, dependencies, and milestones. It offers a Gantt chart-style representation of tasks, making it easier to understand the flow and dependencies of tasks within a project.

Key Features of the Plan View:
Visual Representation: The Plan view provides a visual representation of tasks, their durations, and dependencies, making it easier to understand the project's flow.

Plan View

Required Columns: For the Plan view to function correctly, you need at least two date columns (typically Start Date and End Date) and one Task Dependency column. If these columns are absent, the system will prompt you to add them.
Plan view settings: If the required columns are already present, you can map them using the Gantt Settings. This can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon when in the Plan view.

Gantt Settings

Adding Tasks: To add a new task, click on the "+ Add" button. You can then select the desired group or section, provide a title, and describe the task. Tasks are saved automatically once you close the Task detail panel.
Milestones: Milestones are significant events or stages in a project. To create a milestone, add a new task and mark it as a milestone within the Task Detail panel.


Reordering Tasks: Currently, tasks cannot be reordered directly within the Gantt view. However, this feature is in development. For now, you can use the table view to arrange tasks as needed and then visualize them in the Plan view.
Progress Update: If you want to update task progress using a slider in the Plan view, you'll need to add a Progress column in the Table view. Once added, you can map it under the Gantt settings.

Baseline for Tracking Deviations:
One of the standout features of the Plan view is the ability to track deviations using the Baseline feature.

Setting a Baseline: Once you've planned your project, you can set a baseline by clicking on the Gantt setting and then selecting "Snapshot." This action captures a snapshot of your current project plan.
Tracking Deviations: With a baseline set, you can easily compare the planned progress of tasks against their actual progress. This feature is invaluable for understanding where a project might be deviating from its original plan, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments.

The Plan view in Anywhere is a comprehensive tool that offers a clear visual representation of your project's timeline, tasks, and dependencies. With features like Gantt settings, milestones, and the ability to track deviations using baselines, it's an essential tool for effective project management. Whether you're planning a new project or tracking the progress of an ongoing one, the Plan view provides the clarity and functionality you need to keep things on track.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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