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Using Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard is a valuable tool designed for Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, Directors of Customer Success, and Business Owners. It caters to those who want to monitor and gauge their clients' sentiments, enabling them to provide better service.

Why Tracking Client Sentiments Matters

Measuring and tracking client sentiments offer insights into how clients perceive their collaboration with your agency. It provides recommendations on whether you should intervene in a client project to ensure their satisfaction.

_Important Note: The Client Dashboard is exclusively available in the Growth and higher plans._

Client Dashboard

Key Insights on the Client Dashboard:

Client Information: The dashboard displays the client's name, the number of active projects your team is handling for them, the duration of their partnership with your agency, their latest CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score, along with a CSAT trend chart, the most recent feedback, the total number of logins by the client in their client portal, their last login date, and a recommended action based on the latest CSAT score.

Active Projects: If your team is managing multiple projects for a client, the "Number of Projects" column indicates the count of active projects. Clicking on this number allows you to view all active projects for that particular client.

Customize Dashboard View: From this popup, you can select which project should be used to display the trend on the dashboard. Simply click "Set as Show on Dashboard" next to the project you prefer.

Customize Dashboard

Understanding CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score):

CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction Score, is a metric that gauges how satisfied the client is with your services. Clients provide the CSAT rating with each status update you publish for them within Projects/Updates.

CSAT Trend: The trend indicator reveals whether the CSAT score has increased, remained the same, or decreased compared to the client's previous CSAT score.

- Green Up Arrow: The latest CSAT score is higher than the previous score from the client.
- Amber Straight Arrow: The latest CSAT score is the same as the previous score from the client.
- Red Down Arrow: The latest CSAT score is lower than the previous score from the client.

Clicking on any of the CSAT trend arrows reveals the historical trend of CSAT scores received from the client on that project, accompanied by a list of feedback.

CSAT Trend

The Client Dashboard in Anywhere empowers you to stay attuned to your clients' sentiments and take actionable steps to enhance their experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Your success is our priority!

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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