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Creating widgets and adding them to your Dashboard

The dashboard helps you see the overall summary and progress of your projects. By creating different widgets users can track various aspects of their projects right on their Dashboard without having to navigate to individual boards.

Now let's first understand what a widget is?

A widget is a mini-report that can display your data in a number of presentation styles including different kinds of charts such as Pie charts, Number charts, Line charts, Area charts, etc.

The Dashboard is simply a collection of different widgets you choose to put in it. Let's see how to create widgets in Anywhere boards:

To do this, navigate to the board you want to create a data widget on, select the Project Dashboard view option from the drop-down list.

You will be navigated to the Project dashboard screen, where you will find a few default widgets.

To create your own widget, Click on the plus icon to open the widget popup.

On the widget popup, you can choose to create your widget on all board data (All data) or by using one of the custom filter views (To create a custom view, please check this article ).

In this example, let's choose All Data to create your first widget on.

After choosing the "All Data" option or custom view name, you can see the list of chart types such as Pie charts, Grid charts, Number cards, Horizontal Bar charts, Verticle Bar charts, etc.

Select one of the charts and enter the widget name, all other details such as group name, column name are pre-populated as shown in the below image.

Click on the Save button.

Your widget is now created.

_Tip__: You can create multiple charts on the same data set._


Now, Let's see how to use these widgets to create your Dashboard.

Navigate to the Dashboard option from the main menu.

On the dashboard page, you will see an Edit Mode toggle button. Switch it ON.

Next, you will see multiple options such as Add Widget, Add Page, Delete Page, Save, and Rename.

To add widgets in the dashboard, first, you will need to create a page. (You can check our specific article on how to create a dashboard page)

After adding a page, click on the add widget option.

You will see the list of widgets created on the board.

Select the widget from the list and click on the Save button.

The widget is now added to the page.

Note: To know how to update & customize widgets, check out our article on the same topic.

We hope this article has helped you.

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Updated on: 21/09/2023

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