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Managing organizational units

Creating and managing organizational units in Anywhere allows you to structure your teams and departments within the application to reflect your organization's hierarchy and workflow. Here's how to add organizational units in Anywhere:

Navigate to the "Organizational Units" section under the "Administration" option in the left navigation menu.

Click on the "+ Add root unit" button to create a new root organizational unit. This will serve as the highest level of your organizational structure.

Add Root Unit

Enter the name of the organizational unit you want to add and click "Save" to create it. You can create as many root units as needed, representing different departments or divisions within your organization.

Add Unit Name

Once you've added a root unit, you can add team members to it. Select the organizational unit where you want to add members and click on the "+ Add Member" button in the right-hand pane.

Add Member

In the "Select user" popup, search for and select the users you want to add to the selected organizational unit. Click "Save" to confirm your selection.

Select Users

The selected users will now be added under the chosen organizational unit, and you can repeat these steps to create more units and structure your organization as needed.

You can also create roles within your organizational units to further define the responsibilities and permissions of team members. Organizational units can help streamline project management, collaboration, and access control within Anywhere.

Please note that the management and updating of organizational units are typically performed by account administrators. If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, feel free to reach out to Anywhere support for guidance.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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