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Updating your account details

When signing up for Anywhere, you provide important information such as your company name, team name, full name, email, etc. While you can update your email, name, and username from the Administration/Users screen, making changes to your company name or team name requires assistance from Anywhere Support.

If you need to modify your company name or team name due to a misspelling or because you initially created a test account and now need to use your official name, please contact Anywhere Support. Our support team will assist you with the necessary changes.

It's worth noting that the team name you specify during registration becomes a part of your Anywhere URL, which is used to access your account. For instance, if you entered "adventure" as your team name during sign-up, your account URL would be If Anywhere Support helps you change the team name, your account URL will also be updated accordingly.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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