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Import users to your Anywhere account

Importing users in bulk to your Anywhere account via a CSV file is a convenient way to add multiple users efficiently. Here's how you can import users in bulk:

Note: This feature is available only to account admins.

Go to the Administration menu in the navigation menu and select the User option.

Click on the Excel Operations button to expand the options.

Click on the "click here to download sample import file" option. This will download a sample CSV file that serves as a template for importing your user details.

Update the downloaded CSV file with the details of the users you want to import. Ensure that you follow the format and structure of the sample CSV file. Do not alter the column names or change the order of the columns.

Once your CSV file is ready with the user details, return to the Anywhere platform.

Click on the "Import from the excel" option to initiate the bulk user upload. The system will process the CSV file in the background and will send you a notification when it has finished processing and uploading all the users. If there are any failures during the upload, the system will update you and provide a CSV file with error details so that you can correct and retry the import.

- You can leave values blank for users if you don't want to update specific data fields. This is acceptable as long as the details are not mandatory.
- Always use the sample CSV file provided as a template for importing users.

Bulk user import via CSV is a time-saving feature for adding multiple users to your Anywhere account. If you have any further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for support.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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