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Review the account level logs

Navigating Account Logs for Enhanced Accountability

In the realm of Anywhere, keeping tabs on your data and user actions is pivotal for accountability. Anywhere takes this seriously by logging every API call to the system, allowing you to scrutinize these logs right at your account level.

Here's how you can access and review your account logs:

Note: This feature is exclusively available to account admins.

Begin by effortlessly expanding the Administration menu item within your Anywhere board.

Administration Menu

Now, click on the Audit Logs sub-menu.

Ensure you're on the Operations Logs tab within Audit Logs. Here, you'll find a comprehensive record of all logs for every user within your account.

Audit Logs

Dive deeper into the details by clicking on the Search icon next to a specific log.

Search Icon

Log Details

_Here's what you can glean from Audit Logs:_

- Username: Identifying the different users involved.
- Service: The backend service called into action.
- Action: The name of the API call in question.
- Duration: How long the function took to execute.
- IP Address: The IP address used during board usage.
- Client: Typically "Web" (the default).
- Browser: The browser employed for the operation.
- Time: The precise date and time when the operation was executed.
- Parameters: A look at the specific parameters used in the API call.
- Custom Data: Any custom data tied to the API call.
- Error State: Indicating success or failure of the call.

Pro Tip: Smart filters are your friends here. Use them to search for specific details by applying custom filters and simply hit Refresh.

Smart Filters

Note: You'll also find an option to 'Export to Excel' to conveniently export the data.

We trust this article has shed light on how you can navigate your account logs in Anywhere.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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