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Navigating Task Activity Logs in Anywhere

In the world of Anywhere, tasks are the building blocks of your boards. By default, they're known as "Items" in a new board. Sometimes, you need to peek into the past and check out what went down with a specific task. That's where the "Task Activity Log" comes in handy.

So, what's the Task Activity Log all about?

Think of it as the historical record for your task. Every action or change made to a task gets meticulously recorded here, so you can review the journey of each task.

Here's how you access and review the task logs:

Begin by heading to the board where you want to dig into task history.

Hover over any task, and you'll see the Task options—a trio of vertical dots—next to the task. Click on it.

Task Options

Now, choose Detail from the options that pop up.

Choose Detail

Behold! The task detail popup opens up. You'll find the task description and comments on the right. But what we're interested in here are the Task Activities—these are the logs of all the changes made to this task.

Task Activities

_Note: In this popup, you can also check out Comments, Decisions, Blockers, and any attached Files at a glance. Any updates you make here will be reflected in the original task._

That's it! Now you're in the loop on how to review your task logs in Anywhere.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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