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Preview your client projects before inviting clients

The ability to preview your project from a client's perspective is crucial for ensuring clarity and professionalism. Anywhere provides a "Preview" option that lets you see your project exactly as a client or external guest would.

Preview Option:
When you click on the preview, it opens up the Client portal preview in a new browser tab. This is a read-only mode, ensuring you can't make any changes. However, it allows you to navigate between different views, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what your client will see.

Preview Option

Client Portal Preview
Note: The preview option is available only for shared projects.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to configure which views are accessible to the client for a specific project. This setting can be adjusted from the agency portal under project settings.

Configure Views

By leveraging the client preview feature, you can ensure that your clients have a seamless and clear view of the project, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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