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Creating a Client Portal

Anywhere offers a dedicated space for your clients to access project details, ensuring transparency and fostering collaboration. Here's a guide on how to set up and utilize the Client Portal feature in Anywhere:

Setting Up the Client Portal:

Client Portal Setup

Shared Project Type: Begin by creating a shared project type. The client portal is exclusively available for projects marked as shared.

Preview the Portal: Once your shared project is set up, you can get a glimpse of the client's perspective by using the preview feature. This ensures you're aware of the exact details your clients will see.

Configuring Views: Tailor the client portal to your needs by configuring the views for each project. If you wish to maintain simplicity, you have the option to hide specific views. This ensures that clients are only presented with relevant data, avoiding any potential overwhelm.

Branding: The client portal can be customized to resonate with your brand's identity. You can adjust it to match your brand colors and even display both your and your client's logos in the menu.

Feedback Collection: The portal isn't just a space for viewing project details. It also serves as a platform for clients to provide CSAT scores and feedback. This real-time feedback mechanism can be instrumental in gauging client satisfaction, allowing you to make timely interventions if needed.

Magic Link Access: For clients to access the portal, they don't need to remember complex passwords. Instead, they can simply click on a magic link that's generated when you invite them to a shared board. This ensures a hassle-free entry for clients, enhancing their overall experience.

Benefits of the Client Portal:
Transparency: The portal ensures clients are always in the loop, fostering trust.
Collaboration: It provides a space for both parties to collaborate efficiently.
Time-Saving: By giving clients direct access to project details, you can reduce the back-and-forth communication, saving time for both parties.
Client Retention: Regular feedback and a collaborative space can enhance client satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and repeat business.

In essence, the Client Portal in Anywhere is designed to streamline client-agency interactions, ensuring a smooth and collaborative project journey.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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